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David W. Kidder, Ph.D.
Counseling Psychologist
LA license # 542
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Clinical Psychological Services  and Data supporting their effectiveness

Are you looking for help with depression, anxiety, worry, trauma, ADHD, family and relationship issues, and child academic and behavior problems?  Are you looking for guidance in finding  meaning, purpose,  contentment, peace, and more happiness in your life?  Dr. Kidder is trained, experienced, and eager to assist you in meeting your goals.  Dr. Kidder is a psychologist, counselor, psychotherapist, or therapist (whichever term you use) .  He is not a psychiatrist , and he can not prescribe medications.  However, he collaborates with your family doctor, psychiatrist, or other provider of medication management while providing you with counseling.  Dr. Kidder shares office space with five other mental health professionals including Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Licensed Professional Counselors.  However, all professionals practice independently.  Dr. Kidder has been providing counseling and psychological evaluations in Slidell, Louisiana and New Orleans, Louisiana for the past 29 years. He serves the Slidell, Covington, Mandeville, Picayune, and Mississippi gulf coast communities.  He has an office at 119 Village St., Slidell, Louisiana.  He also provides stress management and quality of life coaching.  He treats a wide range of emotional and behavior problems in teenagers and adults. DrKidder.com is designed to provide you with information, skills, products, and services to help you manage your stress, resolve problems in living, improve your relationships, increase your overall happiness, and improve your parenting effectiveness. You may view a description of CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES and CREDENTIALS of Dr. David Kidder by clicking the links in the menu to the left.  You may read about the EFFECTIVENESS OF DR. KIDDER'S TREATMENT in the clinical psychological services description.  Data analysis at the time of this update shows that 83% of Dr. Kidder's clients have improved over the course of treatment.  The amount of improvement has been quite large.   PICTURES of Dr. Kidder's main office in Slidell can be found by clicking "About Dr. Kidder" on the menu. A MEMBER'S AREA which is password protected may be reached by clicking the link on the menu. The password must be obtained by calling Dr. Kidder's office. On the menu to the left is a link to a Resources and Links page. Click there to find information on ADHD, stress, parenting, and general mental health issues. DIRECTIONS to the office may be found by clicking on ''About Dr. Kidder'' on the menu. 

If you would like to learn more about relaxation, stress management, and parenting skills, you may use the articles database by clicking links on the menu or scrolling down the home page.

 Personal Note from Dr. Kidder

I have dedicated my life to helping others.  It gives meaning and purpose and a great sense of gratification to be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of those who seek my services.  I am a Christian and pray each and every day that God will work through me to be a healing force in the lives of my patients.   I see miracles happen.  Even though I do my part, I am nothing without God’s powerful influence in the therapeutic process.  Although I call upon and acknowledge the Holy Spirit in my work, I am a secular counselor.  I do not provide religious, Biblical, or spriritual counseling.  I promise you that if you seek my services, I will work tirelessly on your behalf.  I am invested emotionally in helping you decrease suffering and increase happiness in your life.






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