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Clinical Psychological Services and Effectiveness Data
David Warren Kidder, PhD

Welcome! Dr. Kidder is a counseling psychologist who provides a wide range of psychological services including individual, and family counseling with adults, teenagers, and children. He has been practicing for 34 years, 30 of which have been in the Slidell and New Orleans area.

Dr. Kidder sees many adults for treatment of depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder,and relationship problems. He uses cognitive-behavioral, and client-centered approaches in counseling. He utilizes Prolonged Exposure Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing when appropriate in the treatment of reactions to trauma. He uses a variety of approaches in the treatment of anxiety disorders: relaxation training, thought re-training, emotional re-processing, exposure therapy, systematic desensitization, and behavior modification. Dr. Kidder uses a structured, behavioral, skills-oriented approach to marital therapy. Parent consultation for behavior management are provided in the treatment of children.  Counseling for children is no longer available.

Prior to hurricane Katrina he provided consulting services to Bethlehem Children's Treatment Center, a residential program for troubled children and youth in Eastern New Orleans.  After Hurricane Katrina Dr. Kidder provided crisis intervention, consultation, and counseling services to employees of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Transportation Security Agency, the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and other private corporations. He is trained and experienced in the use of Critical Incident Stress Management.

Dr. Kidder has provided many educational programs for the community. Just a few of these include Parenting Matters: A Support Group, a bimonthly Boy Talk (changes in puberty), and a six part television series on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder which he produced for the St. Tammany Government Access Channel.

Dr. Kidder is available for education,  training, and consultation programs for your business, organization, or agency.


Dr. David Kidder’s highly effective approach to adult counseling

Research into the effectiveness of counseling reveals several components which have been associated with positive outcomes. The relationship with the counselor is of utmost importance. When the client perceives the counselor to be understanding, empathetic, accepting, insightful, supportive, warm, respectful, and competent, the relationship is strengthened. This allows the client to trust the counselor and feel free to express and disclose troubling thoughts, memories, experiences, conflicts, and emotions. By expressing themselves in a safe, supportive, confidential environment, clients derive self-insight and insight provided by the counselor. The awareness, expression, and identification of the emotions accompanying this insight brings about what is called a “corrective emotional experience.” That is, the strong negative emotions decrease, new understanding and perspective on the client’s problems are obtained, and the client’s suffering is reduced. Empathic understanding provided by the counselor promotes this healing experience. 

Often, this process of counseling, called client centered counseling, is the main approach used by Dr. Kidder. At other times Dr. Kidder may begin with this approach to develop a bond with the client, understand the client, help the client to understand him/herself, and develop a therapeutic alliance with the client in which the goals of therapy are specified. Following these initial sessions, Dr. Kidder may suggest other approaches to solving the client’s presenting problems. In addition to his vast experience helping thousands of clients with many different types of presenting problems, he has specialized training in cognitive behavioral therapy approaches. These are more targeted interventions including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Prolonged Exposure Therapy, Systematic Desensitization, stress management training, parenting training, and behavior modification among others. 

Research has also shown that the quality of the client’s involvement in the counseling process relates to the amount of behavior change in outcome studies. It is important for the client to engage in a collaborative relationship with the counselor. This may include goal setting, treatment planning, risk taking, and commitment to homework outside of the counseling sessions in order to apply what the client has learned. Clients improve in direct proportion to the degree of active engagement in counseling. Dr. Kidder attempts to involve clients as much as possible.

Research has shown unquestionably that counseling is effective.  Thirty percent of clients improve by the second session; 60 % to 65% of clients experience significant symptomatic relief within one to seven visits; 70% to 75% after 6 months and to 85% at 1 year. Dr. Kidder measures client progress in order to determine if treatment is effective. 

Dr. David Kidder seeks feedback from his clients (adults, teenagers, and children) each session using a Global Distress Scale. Each client is assigned an ID code which makes his/her responses anonymous and confidential. The data from this instrument are entered into a computer program operated by an independent research company, Clinical-Informatics, which then tracks the client’s progress in therapy. The program then calculates a cumulative effect size for all clients over all sessions over time. Effect size is a standardized method for reporting the magnitude of therapeutic change. The Severity Adjusted Effect Size provides an estimate of the effect size after adjusting for the differences in types of problems, demographics of the clients, and severity of symptoms.


The left hand chart shows Dr. Kidder's data.           The right hand chart shows summary data for all clinicians submitting Global Distress Scale data to the research institution.


As of August 13, 2014 the cumulative severity adjusted effect size for all Dr. Kidder’s clients who submitted repeated assessments is 1.21.  Effect sizes of 0.8 or larger are considered large, while effect sizes of 0.5 to 0.8 can be considered moderately large. Effect sizes of less than 0.3 are small and might well have occurred without any treatment. An independent  research institution (Clinical Informatics) uses 0.5 effect size as the threshold for "effective".  A 1.21 effect size can be interpreted as reflecting consistently positive behavior change in Dr. Kidder’s clients over the years he has been using this measure of treatment effectiveness. 






Another statistic derived from the Global Distress Scale data is the percentage of clients who have improved. Eighty two percent of Dr. Kidder’s clients who have completed multiple Global Distress Scales have shown improvement in their symptoms over the course of their treatment.


Distribution of Patient Change Graph Distribution of Patient Change Graph
The left hand chart shows Dr. Kidder's data.                The right hand chart shows the summary data from all clinicians who submitted Global Distress Scale data to the research institution.

Dr. Kidder has a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from a program fully approved by the American Psychological Association. He has been in the private practice of psychology for the past 30 years.






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