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About Dr. Kidder > Pictures of the Office

Pictures of the Office
David W. Kidder, Ph.D.


Dr. Kidder's Slidell, Louisiana OfficeDr. Kidder's Slidell office is located at 119 Village Street, Suite A.   Turn off Brownswitch Road near the Winn Dixie and across from the Credit Union. Go down to the end of the street and curve right. After the curve you will see a sign with 119 Village St. at the top.  On the sign you will see "Counseling Offices".  Turn right into our parking lot.  
Dr. Kidder's Slidell Office

Dr. Kidder's therapy office is furnished in such a way as to provide seating for individuals, couples and families.

Since everyone feels at least a little uneasy coming in to talk about their problems, Dr. Kidder has attempted to create as warm and supportive an environment as possible.

Dr. Kidder no longer sees children in his practice.  (NA:  Dr. Kidder sees children in his practice. Play with games and toys is an integral part of evaluation and therapy with children. The carpet and area rug provide a comfortable play area in Dr. Kidder's office. Children may at first be nervous about seeing a psychologist/counselor. Dr. Kidder is aware of that and expects it. That is why he structures the child's sessions often to begin with games and play activities in order to help the child relax and enjoy the visit. Most children then will look forward to returning to see their counselor.)


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